Night thoughts

I keep falling asleep at strange hours of the night without disliking it one bit.

Tonight this song is doing a fine job keeping me company. It’s been playing with my thoughts and memories, desires and hopes making me think nothing is off the table.

Good morning. Is it?


Cum am ajuns aici?

„O pasiune n-are nevoie de motivări. Ea nu cere neapărat să fie înţeleasă şi explicabilă.
Dimpotrivă, începe acolo unde nu mai e nimic de explicat, sfârşind abia când simte din nou nevoia de lămuriri”. (O.P.)

Song of the day – January 7, 2015

The 60s. I’m getting the 60s. The years of the greatest hits of Aretha Franklin, Beatles, Ray Charles, the Supremes, Frank Sinatra, Animals, Rolling Stones…to name just a few.

After listening to a whole bunch of masterpieces, I picked Ray with his Georgia at first. Good ol’ Ray Charles. This song is me. I feel goosebumps when I hear it … my entire senses awake and I feel pure pleasure.

But then…

While I was writing this post, I thought „Why not listen to the Supremes a little more?” and something amazing happened. My feet started dancing…on their own. I swear I didn’t tell them to. And then … my whole body got up and started dancing. My fingers pumped up the volume to a maximum, my hands were all up in the air, my mouth was singing, my eyes were laughing and my feet …. oh my feet! They were dancing thoughout the whole house bringing out some moves I didn’t think I had in me. I’m dancing, I’m singing, I’m laughing, I actually feel my entire person bursting with joy!

So…this is the winner. The song of today. My song of the 60s. The song that has made my day fantastic. The Supremes made me freakin’ happy today!

Today, I was dancing in my pijamas with the Supremes.

Song of the day – December 31, 2014

My darlings, what is there to say on the last day of the year? Whatever you did this year, I hope it was worth it and you can look back with pride on your choices.

I’m going to share something with you. For the past years I’ve been writing down in a notebook my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve read somewhere that if you actually write down what you wish for, your subconscious works towards achieving those things without you even being aware of that. It guides your decisions in the right direction so you can fulfill what you wrote down. I know it sounds stupid. However I still do it because I have crossed off my lists the boldest things that I’ve wished for. Might be coincidence. Might be luck. I will keep doing it though.

I started the year in a place I didn’t think I’d get to so soon in my life. I’ve started it with the biggest dream of mine coming true. While I was holding a cup of champagne, looking at the fireworks being lit on the Manhattan skyline, I remember thinking: „Now what? Now, that this dream has come true, what’s next? What am I looking forward to, for the years to come?”.

I’m looking forward to laughter, adventures, butterflies, chocolate, good friends, health, family, the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, warm hugs, kisses, making someone happy and lots of surprises. Good ones of course!

I wish the same for you! Happy New Year!

Song of the day – December 24, 2014

Those who know me and have seen me at least once around Christmas, know that this is the time is when I am the happiest. So… Yupeee. I got Christmas Eve! Couldn’t have turned out better even if I planned it.

I’m going classic with a twist today! Oh and the song is pretty good too. 😉

Today my wish for you all is to sing, laugh, dance, open presents and eat chocolate … and have the happiest Christmas ever!

Song of the day- November 26, 2014

He said: You’re a happy person. You should always be happy. No one should be allowed to take your smile away. No one under any circumstance should do that. You must not let them. Find that person in your life who will keep telling you this until you will be able to get it through your thick head. After you find them, hold on real tight because they will be the ones that will bring a smile on a sad day.

Shake out all the dark thoughts and see the half that’s full.
Shake out all the sadness and smile.
Shake out all regrets and start over.
Shake out the bad. In with the good.

…it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake ‘em off…