Song of the day- February 25, 2015

Hey kid,

Listen to this! This song is a rollercoaster. Just like life. You’re gonna have a lot of surprises along the way. Some amazing ones, others….really shitty. Unexpected stuff will catch you with your pants down plenty of times. Don’t worry too much about it! You’ll sort things out when they happen.

Fall in love! Day dream! Make friends! Suffer if you must! Cry! Laugh from your core! Love your heart out! Get drunk! Sing out loud! Dance whenever and wherever you feel like it! Smile at strangers! Be humble! Don’t be grumpy too much. Nobody likes that! Be optimistic! Know that things can always be worse! Appreciate everything! Don’t hold a grudge! When you decide to forgive, forget as well! If you know you cannot forgive, then don’t. Put a stop and turn a new page! Don’t ever hold others responsible for your mistakes! That sucks! Help people when you can! Don’t be a wiseass! Let some things go but don’t let others slip away! Be honest! Be smart! If you must lie, don’t get caught! Fight for what matters to you! Even with me. Be patient! Things have a way of working out. Don’t ever be ashamed of what you are!

I will always want your best and I will always want you to be safe. It’s how parents are programmed so I won’t be able to help it! But listen carefully when I’m saying this:

Don’t listen to me all the time! Safe sucks sometimes. Safe might keep you from some very cool, unforgettable moments and I don’t want you to miss out on anything. I trust I raised you to know when some risks are worth taking!

Enjoy the ride kid! I’ll be there to smack you back to reality once in a while.


P.S. Have a fucking good time 99% of your time! Oh…and if I turn too much into a „mom”, show this to me. I’ll snap out of it! Cross my heart.


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